Best Architecture Websites of 2015

Our top picks from 2015.

Monograph best architecture websites 2015

Architects excel at creating amazing content, and as web designers there is nothing more exciting for us than seeing this content presented online in beautiful ways. Selected below are some of our favorite architecture websites that go above and beyond the standard web criteria of usability, typography, image quality, speed, and responsiveness. Enjoy!

Mark Tessier Visit Website

Attention to detail is the hallmark of Mark Tessier's landscape architecture website, with no element left untouched from the loader to the logo. The unique bottom menu is a fresh take on the essential sorting interface, and is such a nice user experience — go try it yourself!

Deborah Berke Partners Visit Website

Deborah Berke Partner's website is an elegant montage of equal parts white space and sharp imagery, in an ever changing order. The staggered grid lends an art gallery quality to the architecture website, and takes advantage of the full browser width without overpowering the user.

Piet Oudolf Visit Website

With arguably the most beautiful home page of the lot, Piet Oudolf's landscape architecture website pairs multiple shades of white with full color photos and a seamless UX design that stays out of the way until its needed.

Keller Easterling Visit Website

A clever interplay of typography and content, Keller Easterling's website challenges the conventions of navigational hierarchy so common to architecture websites today, and wins. Are they tags? categories? links? a search bar? Somehow it all just works, and its great.

WOJR (William O'Brien Jr) Visit Website

Often architecture websites are at their best when they try and do the least. William O'Brien Jr's site is paradigmatic in just this way, a single, scrollable home page of all the office's projects make viewing the work effortless, and with only two additional pages the site remains ultra-compact and to the point.

Thats it for now, but hold tight for session II when we round up another group of digital agencies that are driving innovative, refined design concepts for the architecture field.


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