Monograph Beta Release!

Building better websites for architects

Monograph beta release

After one year of continuous development, Monograph officially launched in private beta! We are currently working with several firms to make it as easy as possible to launch a beautiful architecture website. During the beta phase, the service is free to explore and use until you are ready to route your unique domain name to Monograph. Shoot a quick email to and ask about becoming a beta user.

What is Monograph? is a technology company founded by architects with the mission to help every architect build a beautiful website—simply, without any code.

We make it easy to grow your firm’s online identity with website templates designed for architects, drag-and-drop editing, and industry-tailored SEO.

Beginning with websites, our goal is to elevate and transform the practice of architecture through better communicating the value architects bring to clients, the public, and our built environment.

Why Monograph?

Websites form the cornerstone of an architect’s business. They’re a first point of contact, a portfolio on-the-go, a talent attractor, an in-house archive– they can define your company’s persona and build your reputation. But unless you’re well versed in programming or willing to shell out 5 figures most architecture websites will never live up to those expectations.

We want to level the playing field.

Designed specifically for architects, Monograph is the distillation of over 5 years of our own experience building architecture websites for firms like Stanley Saitowitz, Kennedy & Violich Architecture, and Gunadi Lamere Design. Drawing on our collective knowledge we’ve developed tools and protocols to support a successful architecture practice — from simple drag-n-drop interfaces to industry tailored SEO. And we’re doing this because we believe every architect should be able create an award winning website without a single line of code or breaking the bank.

Who is Monograph?

Monograph is founded by three partners trained as architects turned entrepreneurs, technologists, and digital designers. We believe in building purposeful and powerful technologies for architects and the design industry, bridging the gap between silicon valley engineering, digital design, and architecture.

Alex Dixon, Co-founder

Alex Dixon, partner at Dixon & Moe and co-founder of Alex earned his M.Arch from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and now designs award winning websites, consults on SEO, and studies typography. He leads the team to ensure the highest level of design, branding, and consistency across Monograph and its templates.

Moe Amaya, Co-founder

Moe Amaya, partner at Dixon & Moe and co-founder of Moe earned his M.Arch from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and now builds incredible dashboards, and user experiences. He oversees the software engineering and the admin experience of Monograph.

Robert Yuen, Co-founder

Robert Yuen, co-founder of Section Cut, partner at Dixon & Moe and co-founder of Robert received his M.Arch and MSc. in Digital Technologies from the University of Michigan, and has worked as an architectural designer at SOM, Blu Homes, and Kuth Ranieri. He manages the operations and marketing strategies of Monograph.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress through our beta phase. If you're interested in participating signup here or send a note to to get started.


Monograph is a technology company founded by architects with the mission to help every architect build a beautiful website– simply, without any code