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AIASF 4th Symposium

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We are proud to be supporters and sponsors of this years AIASF Symposium — Equity by Design: Metrics, Meaning, + Matrices! We are delighted to run a special drawing for attendees to win 3, one-year subscriptions of Monograph Professional Level during the symposium on October 29th, 2016 here in San Francisco, CA.

More information about when and where the special drawing for attendees will occur is coming soon. Stay tuned to the EQxD blog for updates. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the symposium on October 29th, 2016.

What is EQxD

Equity by Design is a call to action to realize the goal of equitable practice for everyone, advance the profession and communicate the value of architecture to society.

Their mission is to understand the pinch points of career progression and promote the strategic execution of best practices in the recruitment, retention, and promotion of our profession's best talent at every level of architectural practice.

Metrics, Meaning, Matrices

"We must leverage metrics to make any substantial progress towards changing the ratios within our profession. We are committed to conduct research and compare data occurring at regular intervals to track progress and maintain accountability over time. In order to move the needle, we must create benchmarks for comparison and make time to review, discuss, and adjust our course of action based on the findings.

We seek meaning at many levels in the discovery of significance in one’s career, in the personal connections we make with others, in our own reflection upon research findings that can positively transform the workplace culture. Having meaningful work plays a significant role in improving professional satisfaction, increasing talent retention, and raising awareness of architecture’s true value within our global society.

We can adopt matrices to inspire a new mindset for advocacy and action. By nature, we are makers, observers of patterns, problem solvers, creators of connections, and synthesizers of dissimilar elements. Matrices enable us to become originators of new approaches and constructs. We can create more equitable environments within architectural practice and the places we design." – eqxdesign.com

Winning Templates

As part of the sponsorship we're offering two templates, Avant and Mezzanine. Each have thier own distinct personality and charisma, and both come backed by our intuitive drag-n-drop editor, image processing and industry focused SEO

Avant View Template

Avant’s clean, banded layout offers plenty of room to showcase your portfolio and recent news.

Mezzanine View Template

Mezzanine is a modern two-column website template perfect for small firms or architects just starting out.

Stay tuned for more updates from Monograph: building better websites for architects. If you're interested in participating signup here or send a note to robert@monograph.io to get started.


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